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          Check the wear degree of the piston ring without removing the piston ring.

          Date:2018/5/21 18:02:17 閱讀:938
          In the case of not removing the piston ring, look, listen and consume to check the wear degree of the piston ring.

          See: when the engine is running, open the crankcase blowhole. It can be seen that a stream of mist from here is continuously discharged with the increase of rotational speed, this phenomenon is reduced, indicating that the piston has been seriously worn.

          Listen: When the engine is running, compressed air can also be heard through the air holes through the piston ring "hoarse, hoarse" air leakage sound, which can be verified by stethoscope outside. With a screwdriver with a long wooden handle, one end touches the moving area of the piston in the upper part of the cylinder opposite the fuel injection pump, and the other end touches the two monkey pieces near the ear. At the same time, there is poor compression and the oil consumption increases, which indicates that the piston ring is seriously worn.

          Consumption: Depending on the percentage of engine oil consumption to that of the fuel consuming machine, the engine oil consumption is almost unchanged before a certain working period and increases significantly after that period. It is generally believed that when the oil consumption accounts for 4% of the fuel consumption, piston rings should be replaced, such as DFH-54 tractor, per worker. For 1500 hours, the oil consumption exceeds 15 kilograms, and the exhaust pipe takes blue smoke. The piston ring should be replaced.

          Filling: When the pressure relief rocker motor is outside the crankcase ventilation air hole, the piston ring "hoarse, hoarse" air leakage can be heard. In order to verify the above phenomenon is true, the engine oil can be injected into the inlet of the engine, and then get rid of the crankshaft rocker, the air leakage sound disappears, or significantly reduces, indicating that the piston opening clearance and edge clearance are worn seriously. New parts must be replaced.